It can also have pretty nasty effects on you.
All of which you start suffing long before you become addicted. You'll start looking ill,losting weight and feeling like death. you'll begin to take chukky with you but not for long time, but just to feel normal.
And as you lose control of your body
you could lose control of your mind too. Than you ask in your self
"What the fuck is happened to me".
until one day you'll wake up knowing that,instead of you controlling Chukky
it now controls you.
than you know that,it's not how good you are it's how bad you want it.
So if a friend offers you to go with Chukky,use your brain while you still can. And SAY NO !!!


Search it,find it,with Chukky's search.

My Friends

I have only 3 friends: Zeshan (bobby),Sarfraz (armand van helden) and Haseeb (C.H sahib).

Hum 4 eek car ki taran hain in main se eek koi naraaz ho jai, ja wo na ho to hum chal nahi sakte.

zeshan, eek acha dost jo har eek musiebat main kaam ata hay,oor jeh esa insaan hay jis main ghoobian bhoot oor kamzoorian kam hain,oor bhoot mahnti oor itebaari insaan,in ke lye to ilfaaz hi nahi hain.

Sarfraz, yeh bhi acha doost magar in ke gialaat zeshaan se kuch mugtilaf main bhi sab wo ghoobian hain jo zeshaan main, magar yeh hain bhoot shokeen insaan, in ke shook music suna oor banana,oor kabhi bhi ghar na jana,aap in ko raat ke 3 bhaje phone karo to jhe kahain ge challo kahin amsterdam chalte ko nafrat hay to eek baat se,aap in ko hindustani na kahain,warna aap ki kahir nahi.

Haseeb,bhoot hi alag kisam ke insaan,jeh bacho main bache oor baron main bare hain, aap ne in ko nadekha
ho to aap ne koi pakistani drama nahi dekha,oor in ka bhi eek mugtilif sa shook hai,wo hai giali plaou banana,hota bhoot maze ka hai magar sara ghud hi gha jate hain,oor eek oor prob. hai in ki shadi,aap se eek guzarisch hai,aap ki nazar main koi achi si larki ho to zaroor muche e-mail bheejna plz.ok be waiting!!

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